Recognising the close link between speech and language development and learning to read and spell, Narelle and Karen have combined their professional backgrounds and areas of expertise to offer a unique, evidence-based assessment and intervention program.

Joining the Connect team in 2020 is Rochelle Holden, a Specialist Literacy Teacher, Specialist Dyslexia Teacher and Assessor and Sounds Write Educator from the UK. Find out more about our team below. 

Narelle Hose
Director & Literacy Specialist Teacher

DIPT (Teaching Exceptional Children), B.Ed (Primary), Registered Sounds-Write Phonics Practitioner

A qualified teacher registered with the Queensland College of Teachers, Narelle has over twenty eight years of experience in education. Throughout her career, Narelle has worked as a classroom teacher, intervention teacher, specialist teacher as well as being an Academic Assessor for SPELD QLD. Having opened her own specialist literacy centre in 2014, Narelle continues to fulfil her passion for helping primary school children struggling with literacy and numeracy skills, reach their full potential. Narelle has also trained in Dyslexia Level 1 and 2, Hickey Multisensory Language Course, Cracking the ABC Code, Sounds-Write and Lindamood Bell Seeing Stars. 


Karen Clarke
Speech Pathologist

BSpThy, MSc, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

A certified practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia with thirty years of experience working in Australia and the UK. Karen has a particular interest in working with children with speech, language and literacy difficulties. 

Rochelle Holden
Literacy Specialist Teacher
A qualified teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience in the UK, Rochelle is registered with the Queensland College of Teachers and as a Specialist Teacher with Speld QLD. Throughout her teaching career, Rochelle has worked as a classroom teacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinator and, most recently, as a Specialist Dyslexia Teacher and Assessor (in the UK). Rochelle is passionate about working with children who find reading, writing and spelling difficult and ultimately supporting them to reach their literary goals. Rochelle also has post-graduate qualifications in Special Educational Needs Coordination and Teaching and Assessing Pupils with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties and is trained to deliver the Sounds-Write programme.